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Savon et mousse


At MIMO, we adapt to groom your companion in a relaxing, trusting and safe environment.

For us grooming is not limited to an aesthetic result, it is first of all a moment of welfare for your animal.

We work with quality professional products that respect the needs and well-being of the animal. 

We take seriously the hygiene of our salon and grooming items . All our tools and equipment are regularly cleaned and disinfected to make the environment safe and pleasant for your pet.

Dog grooming

Our priority is animal welfare, respecting the wishes and expectations of the client. We will advice you on how obtain the best result and comfort for your animal.

All grooming services includes:

Nail trimming

+ Ear and eye care

+ Specific shampoo and conditioner

+ Drying and brushing

+ Trim of private parts and pads

For full groom, three options are available:

  • Shave

  • Scissor cut

  • Hand-stripping

Cat grooming

Cat grooming is very delicate and can only be done if the cat allows to be handled. In the event of an aggressive sign due to excessive stress, for the safety of our professional and your cat, the service will not be concluded.

We will start by cutting the nails,  cleaning ears and eyes, brushing and deshedding, trim of the private areas and paw pads (if necessary), finished by bathing and drying (some cats do not accept the bath).

We only shave the areas of the fur that are too matted and impossible to untangle. For the welfare of the animal, the total shave of fur in good condition is not accepted.


IV San Bernard Deep Conditioning Treatment

We work with the Italian range of products, IV San Bernard, recognized worldwide to improve the quality of grooming and give special attention to the skin, hair and animal's health. 

We do a hair and skin analysis in order to establish a recipe specially developed for your animal.

This rich mixture of products is deposited on your pet's hair where it will act for 20 to 30 minutes. Your pet will be wrapped in a warm towel during this time.

To intensify the results, this treatment can be associated with  Ozone Spa Bath, it allows the penetration of the products in depth, to the deep layer of the skin.


 Ozone Spa Bath

Ozone (O3) is a gas formed by three oxygen atoms, it disinfects the pores of the skin, eliminates dead cells, delays skin aging and promotes the formation of vitamin D, with virucidal, fungicidal actions and antibacterial.

The device offers different programs, which will distribute quantities of ozone that can be assimilated by all types of dogs.


Initially, the spa stimulates blood circulation and promotes the elimination of dead cells and toxins. Also allows the products to penetrate deeply into the hair and skin. It relieves joint pain and improves the traumatic recovery process at the bone, muscle and ligament levels. Ideal for stressed, aging animals with osteoarthritis. 


Our therapeutic ozone therapy treatments for dogs will help your pet who suffers from skin problems like;

  • Dermatitis

  • Excessive hair loss

  • Itches

  • Very dry skin with dandruff

  • Dull and damaged hair

  • Excessive deshadding

  • Extreme detangling, and more.


In the case of complex skin pathologies, the request for parallel medical care is required.

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