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Terms of services

Medical conditions or elderly animals

Since older animals and animals with health problems are at greater risk of injury, these animals will be cared for their own comfort and hygiene, as Mimo Grooming will not compromise the health and/or well-being of an animal to get "the perfect grooming".

By signing below, the owner agrees that Mimo Grooming has permission to groom their elderly or health compromised pet, and has discussed all health issues (past and present) to the best of their knowledge. The owner thus authorizes Mimo Grooming to perform the service knowing that the condition of the animal exposes it to a greater risk of accident or injury.




If fleas are found on your pet, Mimo Toilettage will systematically use an anti-flea shampoo with an additional cost of 10 euros minimum. This cost covers products and environmental disinfection to ensure our grooming salon is free from active pests.


Tangled animals

If the knot is judged minimal by our groomer and the animal reacts well, we can brush it for an additional fee (13 euros / 15 min). However, if we feel the animal is in pain, we will let you know that a shave off will be required. If the permission for a short shave is denied, the grooming will not be completed and you will need to pick up your pet as it was left.

If the owner gives permission for the grooming of his animal with knots (see above paragraph), he understands that there is a greater risk of nicks, irritation, cuts, etc., during the process . Additionally, freshly shaved skin after many knots may appear red and irritated due to the lack of oxygen reaching the skin, which can cause the animal to itch or act weird.


Aggressive animals and behavioral problems

We will make every reasonable effort to groom uncooperative animals, but we may not be able to complete the grooming of animals that pose a threat to themselves, other animals, or our groomers. We reserve the right to muzzle any pet for their safety and ours.

Mimo Grooming has the right to refuse or stop grooming services at any time if we believe your pet is in danger or endangers our staff.

Late arrival and cancellation policies

You are considered late if you arrive 15 minutes after your appointment time. You will need to ask if the groomer is still able to groom your pet, but be aware that they have the right to refuse due to the schedule.

There are no fees applied for cancellations or postponements that have been reported more than 24 hours before the scheduled time for the service. No-shows, cancellations or rescheduling with less than 24 hours notice will incur charges equivalent to 50% of the amount of the reserved service. This regulation is imperative to make a new appointment.

For the reason that we are a small salon and we do not have the space to accommodate several animals at the same time, all animals brought in for grooming must be picked up within one hour of the moment the client is informed that the animal is ready. Animals remaining after this time will incur a fee of 10 euros per hour.


We want you to be satisfied with our services; however, customer expectations may differ from the final result. Please let us know immediately if you are not satisfied, we may be able to resolve the problem directly. If not, we will take specific notes for the next appointment.

If you notice an aesthetic problem after one of our services, your animal can be brought back within 3 days so that we can correct this problem free of charge. Any adjustments requested after this date will be charged the standard grooming fee.


The products purchased are exchangeable within 30 days of receipt if they are in their original packaging, with label and receipt. If you do not wish to make an exchange, you will receive a credit for the value of the ticket.

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